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 Park 1260 FAQ
Do I need to fill out any paperwork before I can use the park?
Yes, you need to download the required form here and fill it out before your first visit.
Is there any age limit?
All ages are welcome.  Just remember that anyone under 18 will need an adult signature.
Does it cost anything?
We accept $5 donations at each event. It helps run the park, and add new features.
Should I wear a helmet?
It is a good idea to wear a helmet and pads, you WILL fall.
Where are you located?
We are about a mile from the base of Blue Mountain Ski Area, click here for directions.
Can I bring my brand-new skis or snowboard?
We suggest bringing old or very used equipment, you don't even need edges.
How should I prepare my equipment for use on the carpet?
Try to remove all wax, you can rub in Pledge for a good slide if you like.
What should I wear?
Rain or shine, you will be getting wet.  It is a hike-park, so you will also be sweating.
Is there parking?
Parking is limited, so it is always a good idea to carpool.  Saves money too!
Do you guys offer any kind of training or camp program?
Yes, visit here to get more information on our pograms and camps.
What kind of sliding surface do you use?
The runs are 100% carpeted.  For larger events we try to get snow for the lips as well.
Do I have to be an expert to hit the features?
We always have at least one "easier" feature set up.  Our flat box is great for progression.

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